Evangelist Sued by Ugandan Gays

The story below concerns a Ugandan “Gay” rights group that has taken the novel approach of suing a Massachusetts based evangelical minister for alleged human rights violations committed by him in Uganda. The case recently entered US courts under the controversial (U.S.) Alien Tort Claims Act. Scott Lively says he did nothing more than preach the Gospel and express his opinions about homosexuality while touring Uganda, but he now stands accused of influencing Ugandan public policy and causing homosexuals to suffer as a result.

Since few in my readership may be aware, I should mention that black Africans generally look askance at homosexuality because many of their cultures are surprisingly conservative by Western standards. Witness the sharp divisions inside the Anglican Church between liberal Western jurisdictions and those in much more conservative Africa. Paradoxically many Africans also possess a laissez-faire attitude about what people do with their sexual lives. However, recent legislation in several African countries including Uganda, Zimbabwe and others has made life difficult for homosexuals since homosexuality is generally viewed as a corrupting “white man’s” influence. Despite this, the New York lawyer for the Ugandan group is treading down the well-worn path taken by liberal activists of the last century which involves using the courts to advance liberal agendas. Even if they lose they win because of the publicity generated, and they then move on to structure the next case.

No matter how this case is ultimately decided, the legal groundwork has already been laid so that we can expect many more instances of US, state, and local courts being used to silence people who disapprove of homosexuality or promote traditional values. It’s in my plans to cover this approaching legal assault against people supporting traditional values and freedoms in the forthcoming weeks, and to write a bit about the love and spiritual support that Christianity teaches should be extended to our brothers and sisters who struggle with Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) and homosexuality.

Linked article:

Source: NYTimes.com

Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues Scott Lively, a U.S. Evangelist – NYTimes.com.


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