Orthodox Jews on Homosexuality

I recently found this statement online and was amazed to find that Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Christians are largely in agreement on many points surrounding same-sex attraction (SSA) and homosexuality. Both agree that individuals suffering from SSA and practicing homosexuality are individuals who are deeply wounded spiritually,  and deserve our love and compassion. Orthodox Jews maintain that homosexuality and SSA are incompatible with orthodox teachings as found in the Torah. The declaration goes on to declare that “no one is born ‘Gay'” and that SSA and homosexuality are treatable and reversible. The document advises the correct course of action is both therapy and teshuva (repentence).  The public list of the signers now numbers 215, and spans a number of Jewish sects to include rabbis, community activists, and mental health professionals. As the accompanying article points out, this is a very strong statement, and one of the strongest yet from a religious body on homosexuality.

Linked article:

Orthodox coalition releases bold statement on homosexuality.


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