Women’s Ordination

This is a long article, but well worth reading every word in full.  Fr. John Morris has written a wonderful essay arguing against the ordination of women to both the diaconate and the priesthood. His piece is remarkable not only by how well researched it is, but also by the clarity in which he puts forth his argument.  It has always been clear to me that secular influences external to Christianity are the driver behind the push to ordain women. Many Protestant denominations have changed their dogma in recent decades and begun to ordain women as clergy.  Here Fr. John underscores that the episcopacy and priesthood are not jobs like any other which should be subject to “equal opportunity”. The priesthood is a special calling “that must be subject to the Church for the ratification of that calling”, with the application of time tested requirements to judge it. “Thus, those who approach the priesthood must approach it on God’s and His Church’s terms, not their own terms or those of a secular ideology such as Feminism”. Fr. John also makes the distinction between priesthood and ministry, and gives examples of ministry open to women in Orthodoxy that are just as important to the life of the Church as ordained clergy.

The comments following this article are worth reading in that Fr. John is taken to task by an Orthodox female catechumen, undoubtably feminist in outlook, who some months later comes around to agreeing with the wisdom of traditional Orthodox teaching.  The reader will either be infuriated or find oneself nodding in complete agreement to this article.


Source: Preachers Institute

Thoughts On Women’s Ordination | Preachers Institute.


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