False Bravado and Feminization

Single mothers can provide much love and support to their sons, but they can’t teach them to be men. That is the premise of the following article by a Black US clergyman which you may find to be a quick and sensible read. While undoubtedly written to throw a spotlight on a contemporary problem that has devastated Black communities over the last half-century, the point and underlying problem crosses all racial boundaries.

Undoubtedly some mothers are single by choice, and others find themselves single involuntarily. However, in recent decades fathers have come to be viewed as an optional and often undesirable accessory by many women. These mothers are doing a great disservice to the emotional development of their children and have created a generation of weak, dependent, and immature young men who simply never learned how to act like men for the lack of a close male role model.

CLICK BELOW for the full article which is sourced from http://www.nationalcenter.org:

False Bravado and Feminization.


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