Freedom of Worship’s Assault on Freedom of Religion

With respect to religious liberty,  one argument rapidly gaining credence is that Freedom of Religion is being redefined as Freedom of Worship. This seems true in light of the recent HHS rule changes requiring religious institutions to pay for birth control devices through their employee health plans. The Obama administration, through HHS, says that if religious doctrine conflicts with government mandate, then religious doctrine loses.

Freedom of Worship is an inferior right because it is nothing more than state enforced secularism. Secularism circumscribes religious practice and bans it from the public sphere. In essence, secularism condescends to give everyone the freedom to worship in the cult of their choice so long as they do so privately and don’t drag their belief systems outdoors.  Militant secularism which has taken root in Western civilization despises religion in general, and Christianity in particular, prompting rising levels of intolerance. When people begin to risk severe professional and personal consequences for acting according to their religious faith, then freedom is gone and it is replaced with tyranny. In many respects we are already there.

Here you can read the full article: | Freedom of Worship’s Assault on Freedom of Religion.


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