Gay Is Not the New Black

The link below points to one of the more coherent arguments I’ve come across dismissing gay “marriage” as a  civil right along with the slogan that “Gay is the New Black”.  As always, this writer takes exception to the term “sexual orientation”. It is a manufactured and misleading term since there is no such thing as “orientation” in sexuality. All men and women are born as heterosexuals with complementary genitalia and each has the inate ability to reproduce sexually by uniting with a member of the opposite sex.  Homosexual activists, and their sympathizers forget that the purpose of sexuality is not recreation, it is reproduction. More on this topic will follow in the coming weeks.

Linked article:

Gay Is Not the New Black – The Gospel Coalition Blog.


2 thoughts on “Gay Is Not the New Black

    • Most certainly, there are several. The most generous term one can use would be delusion. Inasmuch as homosexuality is intrinsically disordered, you could also say disturbed. None of these would be inaccurate, only incomplete.


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