The Impact of Eastern Orthodox Theology on Western Theologians

The link below connects to a short and very readable article by Pastor Jason Byassee of the Shady Grove United Methodist Church in Providence, North Carolina. He highlights the rising interest in and influence of Eastern Orthodox theology on Western theologians, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, which is assisting them to break some of their theological impasses.  Pastor Byassee also mentions the corrective influence of Orthodox theology as a counterpoise to the Western Church’s greatest teacher and theologian, St. Augustine.

This article should come as no surprise to those who may note the unusually warm relations which have existed between (for example) the Church of England and the Eastern Orthodox churches. Indeed, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has long been influenced by Eastern Orthodoxy, and even accepted an honorary doctorate in Theology from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, NY several years ago.  St. Vladimir’s is the flagship seminary of the Orthodox Church in America, and one of the most important Orthodox theological institutions in the world. Perhaps with the influence of all the Western churches in steep decline, they may gain some benefit from getting back to the basics which have always been preserved in Orthodoxy. The Christian West has a lot of rebuilding to do. 

The full article is available on

“Embrace! You Are Brothers!”.


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