Washington Cathedral to Bless Gay Unions

The quotes in this article come off as incredibly arrogant to any Christian who is not Episcopalian. If anybody wonders why the Episcopal Church is not taken seriously anymore, it is because it has abandoned historic Christian doctrine in its march toward irrelevancy. Yes, the Rev. Hall is correct in that gays should not be abandoned and marginalized by their church. But when the ECUSA finally decides to fill people with the Holy Spirit, instead of the spirit of the age, it may again be able to start filling its pews.

Also, will somebody please tell them to stop calling the building the “National Cathedral”.  At best it is the Episcopal national cathedral.  It’s official name is actually the Cathedral Church of Sts. Peter and Paul.  St. Paul, in particular, was quite vocal in his opposition to sodomy. If St. Paul were present today, I can picture him trying to chisel his name off the building.

News from The Associated Press. (this link is broken, try the one below)

Similar story at the Huffington Post


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