Ronald G. Lee — The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement

Update, January 2014: Every now and then a blogger may post an entry that takes on a life of its own. “The Truth About the Homosexual Movement” written by Ronald G. Lee in 2006 has done that for me. Although I posted a link to his story over a year ago, I’ve been quite surprised by the traffic it has and continues to generate for this blog. I stumbled across his story a long time ago and sat on it for several months while I was trying to get this blog on its feet. I never found the time to write a wraparound piece for it, but I posted the link anyway while cleaning out my backlog of unposted material that interested me. I know that my readers are all literate, so I generally let other people’s work stand on its own merit and keep my comments to a minimum. Obviously this story has resonated with many people, and Mr. Lee’s experiences capture their interest. I am led to believe that one or more people have reposted a link to this blog elsewhere, and I thank them for that.

Ronald G. Lee identifies himself as a gay man, and as someone who continues to struggle with same-sex attraction. He is a Roman Catholic, and has found support in a conservative Roman Catholic parish. His story interested me because he contradicts the current orthodoxy of political correctness with regard to the “gay” lifestyle. He goes on at great length about his experiences as a homosexual, and how he came to realize that the “gay” lifestyle is one of promiscuity, and self-destruction. He doesn’t exactly come out and say so, but he finds the gay lifestyle to be pathological, and devoid of sexual ethics. Ronald Lee also has harsh words for liberal Christian denominations that offer “support” to active homosexuals without making any mention of sin or ethics. He writes:

“Over the years, I have attended various gay and gay-friendly church services. All of them shared one characteristic in common: a tacit agreement never to say a word from the pulpit — or from any other location for that matter — suggesting that there ought to be any restrictions on human sexual behavior. If anyone reading this is familiar with Dignity or Integrity or the Metropolitan Community churches or, for that matter, mainline Protestantism and most of post-Vatican II Catholicism, let me ask you one question: When was the last time you heard a sermon on sexual ethics? Have you ever heard a sermon on sexual ethics? I take it for granted that the answer is negative. Do our priests and pastors honestly believe that Christians in America are not in need of sermons on sexual ethics?”

Mr. Lee also takes to task the mental health profession which has declassified homosexuality as a pathology, and “who assured him that homosexuality was not a mental illness and that there were no good reasons that homosexuals could not lead happy, productive lives.” Lee’s experiences dispute all the P.C. orthodoxy and current wisdom concerning homosexuality and gay lifestyles. He does not shrink from calling a spade a spade, and dismisses lies for the lies that they are. I respect him for his courage in coming out with the truth from his own bitter experiences.

The origins of same-sex attraction are as yet unknown. Even the major mental health organizations such as the American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association say that the underlying cause is unknown and there is no evidence of a “gay gene”. While homosexual sex is regarded as a depravity and a grave sin in the church, same-sex attraction is considered to be a sinful temptation and one that a significant number of people struggle with. It is often said that the church is a spiritual hospital where sinners come to be healed, and I am gladdened that he has found the support he has needed in his RC parish. Everyone is entitled to find his way to salvation, and obviously something is being done right there by the priest and the parish community. While much has been written about homosexuals in the church, church is exactly where homosexuals need to be. However the best way to treat gay people with respect and dignity is to not shield them from the truth.

“Ralph McInerny once offered a brilliant definition of the gay rights movement: self-deception as a group effort.”

His article was originally published in the New Oxford Review.

Read it at this link:

Ronald G. Lee — The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement.


2 thoughts on “Ronald G. Lee — The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement

  1. Is Ronald G. Lee one with homoerotic feelings? Is he or has he been one who has engaged in homosexual behavior?

    So much is understood about writings when one understand better that situation of the writer.

    • Phillip, did you even bother to click on the article and read it? The author discusses his struggle with same-sex attraction, and quite a bit about his personal history as a practicing homosexual. If you just scanned the excerpt, I can understand your confusion.


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