Muzzling Military Chaplains

Obama’s policies now demand that the US military pay only lip service to religious freedom. Freedom of conscience is gone. True to form, Progressives always promise safeguards and never cease to assure the hoi polloi that their fears are overstated. Yet they know full well what they mean and where they want to take the culture, and then once they arrive, it’s too late to turn back.

Source: American Spectator

The American Spectator : Muzzling Military Chaplains.


2 thoughts on “Muzzling Military Chaplains

  1. So, American Spectator won’t take the word of a President who believes that denial of gay marriage is discrimination that he won’t force preachers to perform such marriages. Ergo, the only President that would be trusted on this is one who believes it is not discrimination, and the only President who is to be trusted is one who sees no problem in denying homosexuals a chance to marry.

    And once again, the only way for conservative Christians to enjoy their freedom is to live in a country that denies it to others.

  2. Daniel, the core issue here deals with the immorality of homosexual practices, something that Christian doctrine still teaches us is a form of fornication, and a sin which will be judged in the same harsh light as adultery. The policies of Obama’s administration are already pressuring the chaplains to alter their church’s historicdoctrine on homosexuality, and they are being told to resign if they don’t like it. Yes, we do live in a free society governed by rules and laws, but religion was expected to act as its conscience.


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