Mexican Drug Cartels vs. Mitt Romney’s Mormon Family

The title of this piece is misleading. At first I thought the video which follows was an ordinary “hit piece” directed at former presidential candidate Mitt Romney although it doesn’t dwell on Mr. Romney and his extended family until very much later. What I found instead is a very well produced series about Mexican Drug Cartel violence plaguing the otherwise decent people of northern Mexico, and how it is a problem caused by Americans.

It is widely known that Mitt Romney is a practicing Mormon,  that his family emigrated to Mexico in the 19th Century, and that his father was born there. I have an Aunt whose father was also born in Mexico under the same historical circumstances, so I am quite aware of the history, and the differences that separate mainstream and fundamentalist Mormons.

I do not intend to dwell on Mormons. This story is about the unintended consequences of American drug policy as it affects people.  The video simply uses the Mormon colonies in Mexico to tell the story of how drug-related violence corrupting Mexico is directly related to American politics.

I mentioned corruption, and the video briefly touches on alcohol prohibition and Al Capone. The drug business involves huge and incalculable sums of money as well as power.  Power corrupts just as easily as money corrupts.  I have long maintained that the American Drug War is a phony war, and it will never end precisely because there is so much money and power wrapped up in it.  In that respect America is just as corrupt as any banana republic because the problem of drugs has corrupted not only drug users and enablers, but also our politicians, legislators, bureaucrats, jurists, and police agencies.

The problem of illegal drugs could be ended at the stroke of a pen by legalization. The illegal drug trade and the corruption surrounding it would be over in less than six-months. Diverting resources into the treatment of drug users would cost the nation a fraction of what is being wasted to fight the losing end of the Drug War. Legalization would also go a long way toward restoring many civil liberties which have been lost since the War on Drugs became a War on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The simple fact expressed in the video is that Mexican criminals will continue to supply illegal drugs to Americans for as long as there is a demand for them. The easiest way to end the problem of the cross border trade in drugs and weapons is to destroy the financial underpinnings of this illegal industry which can be done by licensing American farmers to produce marijuana, and legitimate pharmaceutical companies like Bristol-Myers-Sqibb, Johnson & Johnson, or Roche to produce the heavier stuff.  Government would license distribution to drug users. Cheap and subsidized domestically produced legal drugs, of known purity and quality, would halt the trade in foreign drugs, but I don’t think anyone in Washington has the political will to do this. There is too much money and (with it) power to be lost on both sides of the border.

WARNING:  This video contains very graphic photos and rough language.   Parts 2-7 may be accessed in succession from this link.


Mexican Drug Cartels vs. Mitt Romney’s Mormon Family (Part 1/7) – YouTube.


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