Thinking Out Loud About Gay Marriage

I ran across a great article that I want to share with my readers. I don’t have a lot of time to write a wraparound piece for it, we are all literate people, so please just read it for yourself.

Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov is a Russian Orthodox priest who shepherds a parish in the state of Oregon, USA. While writing about “Same-Sex Marriage” and some rather novel interpretations of scripture, he raises an issue that is certain to annoy many of our fundamentalist Christian brothers and sisters, particularly those who believe in “sola scriptura” or the doctrine that the Bible contains all that is necessary for salvation and holiness.

I was taught that whenever there is a question it helps to go right back to and examine the fundamentals. Read on…

Source: Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov weblog

Thinking Out Loud About Gay Marriage | Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov.

UPDATE: His original link disappeared. Try this one instead from

Thinking Out Loud About Gay Marriage.


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