Why A Chinese Buddhist Became an Orthodox Athonite Monk

The short article linked below refers to a former Chinese Buddhist who has made a new life on Mt. Athos. Athos is an isolated peninsula in northeastern Greece which has been a self-governing monastic territory since the time of the Byzantine empire. It is the monastic ground zero of the Orthodox Christian world. Here the Chinese monk explains himself to a visiting Greek priest:

“In Buddhism, my Father, you are very, very much alone. There is no God. Your entire struggle is with yourself. You are alone with yourself, with your ego. You are totally alone in this path. Great loneliness Father. But here you have an assistant, a companion and a fellow-traveler in God. You are not alone. You have someone who loves you, who cares about you. He cares even if you don’t understand Him. You speak with Him. You tell Him how you feel, what you would have hoped for – there is a relationship. You are not alone in the difficult struggles of life and spiritual perfection.”

While the story in this article is not date referenced, Christianity is now growing at an explosive rate in China, a country which counts the highest population of atheists on the planet. Today there are an estimated 100 million Christians of all varieties in China, up from fewer than 4 million when the officially atheist communist regime was installed in 1949. Obviously many Chinese have found that Christianity is the answer to fill the spiritual void that they feel in their souls.

Source: Journeytoorthodoxy.com

Why A Chinese Buddhist Became an Orthodox Athonite Monk.


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