Priest appears, Prays with trapped girl, Vanishes

A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! The Mystery Priest who blessed and prayed over Katie Lentz has stepped forward…

OK, so here is a summary of the story that’s all over the Internet today…

19-year old Katie Lentz was struck head-on by a drunk driver last Sunday along a stretch of Missouri highway where upon she lay trapped inside her crumpled car, severely injured, and with her vital signs failing as crews worked desperately to free her. The rescuers were not making much progress because their tools kept breaking on the thick, crumpled metal. As Katie felt herself fading away, she asked the emergency crews to stop and pray for her. As if on cue, a man appeared who witnesses believe was a Catholic priest, and he began to pray over them. The priest even came equipped with a bottle of anointing oil. Witnesses say a sense of calm overtook everyone as the priest concluded his prayers. He then finished by saying that Katie would be freed, their tools would work, and she would survive. A few moments later a crew from a neighboring town arrived with all the necessary equipment. After Katie was extracted from the wreck, several rescuers tried to thank the priest, but he was nowhere to be found despite the fact that the highway was closed to traffic for 1/4 mile in each direction and there were no bystanders or pedestrians. Perhaps this priest existed only in people’s imaginations? Apparently not. The fire chief, his entire rescue team, and Katie all swear they saw him too.

Katie Lentz, Crash Victim

Katie Lentz, Crash Victim

Might miracles sometimes occur? Could the priest’s appearance have some supernatural explanation? Was he an Angel sent to protect Katie, or was it just a coincidence that a traveling priest happened to be in the right place at the right time when the badly needed hardware arrived just in the nick of time? Perhaps the explanation is simple, and the priest simply returned to his car. Would that make this story anything less than a miracle, and the priest anything less than an angel? This mystery will likely remain unexplained unless the priest himself steps forward…if he really does exist.

I found the hundreds of reader comments at the end of the article to be just as interesting than the story itself.

Source: The Daily Mail (UK)

The riddle of the 'angel priest': Holy man appeared from nowhere to pray with trapped girl and rescuers in traffic accident, told them she would be OK and then vanished | Mail Online.

UPDATED, there’s more….

The priest does not appear in any one of 69 official crash scene photos. Witnesses are also reporting different descriptions of the priest with some saying he had silver hair, others saying he had a dark complexion and a foreign sounding accent.

Source: USA Today

'Angel' priest visits Missouri accident scene.


I’ve posted a followup article has an interview with the first policeman on the scene.

Might Katie’s Priest Have Been a Beloved Catholic Saint Dead 45-Years?.



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