“I’m going to Heaven, you stay here with Dad”

Italian mother Chiara Corbella, age 29, died of cancer on June 13, 2012. Chiara is being compared to a Roman Catholic Saint, Gianna Beretta. After losing her two older children to birth defects shortly after their delivery, Mrs. Corbella was thrilled when she became pregnant again in 2010, but she began a remarkable journey when she was diagnosed with cancer shortly afterward. Rather than take the risky and difficult cancer treatments that may have saved her but injured her unborn baby, Chiara chose to postpone the treatments until after giving birth. She finally delivered a son Francisco on May 30, 2013, but not before the aggressive cancer had claimed her right eye.

Chiara composed a letter to Francisco one week before her death in which she wrote: “I am going to heaven to take care of Maria and David, you stay here with Dad. I will pray for you,”

Source: Lifesitenews.com, summarized from a Catholic News Service article

‘I’m going to Heaven, you stay here with Dad’: Italian mom sacrifices life for unborn baby | LifeSiteNews.com.


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