Never Camp in a Dry Riverbed in the Utah Desert

I’m posting an interesting video of three young fools amusing themselves by chasing flash floods in the Utah desert. I’ve heard of some interesting hobbies, but I’ve never seen this before.

For my foreign readers, Utah is a rugged and mountainous territory in the Western USA that has a wide variety of topographies and climates. It varies from very high and rugged mountains that receive much snow to rocky desert where the climate can be quite arid. Utah is also home to the Great Salt Lake and extensive salt flats that are remnants of a long vanished ocean. Utah was established in the 19th century by an American religious sect called the Mormons as a refuge for its members who were experiencing persecution in other parts of the country.

I am located in the Eastern United States and we don’t get to enjoy landscapes like that shown below.

This is a video found at


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