Researcher Claims that DNA Emits Light, Found the Cancer Trigger

I found an interesting article which discusses a researcher’s claim that human bodies emit light, and that we are essentially creatures whose health and well being depends on our cells communicating with each other via ultraviolet lightwaves. The research claims that our DNA and cellular structures respond to natural rhythms in nature, and that when certain communication pathways are disrupted that serious disease and cancer may occur. The article also touches on biophoton therapy for healing various illnesses and the relief of pain.

For some years I’ve read articles in natural healing publications about light and it effects on biology, a lot of it has been published in Russia and the former USSR. Being a cold, northern country Russia lacks strong sunlight for much of the year. It is quite common for people there to be treated under ultraviolet lamps in the wintertime to stimulate production of Vitamin D. I’ve also read of UV light therapy where people with viruses are connected to a machine which passes their blood through a UV light source which kills viruses in the blood. I found this research fascinating, and think my readers will too.

The full article can be found at

Does DNA Emit Light?.


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