Liberalism remains an ideology of genocidal hate and rage

I rarely reblog, but this post from blogger Joe Newby discusses a topic worth discussing. It has always been my observation that so-called liberal politics has little to do with personal freedom, and much to do with control and conformity. Liberalism, in the American sense, is a religion like any other and it punishes heretics severely. A close cousin to liberalism is socialism. I am acquainted with many ex-Soviet citizens. A surprising number of them express some nostaligia for the old Soviet system because they insist that the ultimate goal of Marxism and socialism was simply to make sure that everybody was happy and equal. They also tell me they realized that if the those in control discovered you were unhappy, they could make you disappear. Problem solved. Are you happy now? This sounds awfully similar to what Joe Newby describes in his short article.

The full article is available on Joe’s blog The Conservative Firing Line right here at WordPress.

Excerpt: “Liberalism remains an ideology of hate and rage, but since early 2011, the left has become even more violent, to the point of being genocidal. They don’t want to discuss public policy or debate issues. They demand blind obedience and if you don’t march in lock step with them, they want you dead.”

Liberalism remains an ideology of genocidal hate and rage | Conservative Firing LineConservative Firing Line.


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