The Town FEMA Turned Down

I am very familiar with the small town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey. I have some distant family connections to the place. What the article below mentions is nothing less than the end of religious freedom in the United States. It’s gone. 30-years of court decisions have ruled that Freedom of Religion is incompatible with contemporary American values. The free exercise clause of the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights notwithstanding, religious freedom is dead in America since the new religion of secularism has banned God from the public sphere.

The full article can be found at The Weekly Standard.


Both the left and the government—distinctions between the two are perhaps redundant these days—believe that the free exercise of religion must be whittled down to, as President Obama likes to say, a constitutionally guaranteed “freedom to worship as we choose.” In this view, people have a right to believe what they want, so long as they do so in the privacy of their own pew.

via The Town FEMA Turned Down | The Weekly Standard.

[Ed: link fixed today to point to the correct page]


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