Corset Revival

I found this article recently. Call it light reading. I dismissed it as a bit silly after seeing a television news piece about the subject a few months ago, however I believe the lady is on to something. Sarah Chrisman is the authoress of “Victorian Secrets: What a Corset Taught Me About the Past, the Present, and Myself”. Mrs. Chrisman may be taking things to an extreme, but I’ve read more than once in recent years of the ladies corset making a comeback among women of all ages. Whether as custom-fitted designer outerwear, or in this case as a personal choice in undergarment, the corset seems to achieve things that some women find lacking in their more modern unmentionables.

The corset was rapidly abandoned by women in the 1920’s when Coco Chanel introduced the novel fashion concept of women’s “sportswear”. So who would have thought there would be a resurgent niche market for the garment in the 21st century?. Mrs. Chrisman has described the garment as “subversive” and I suspect that some women find the idea very liberating because it runs counter to what modern society expects from them for being women in today’s world.


The full article can be located at


“Having received one from her well-intentioned husband as a gift, she puts aside her initial reluctance to wear what she thinks is an uncomfortable and perhaps even subversive garment to give it just one polite try—and is shocked when she enjoys it. Not only does she lose two sizes in the waist immediately upon lacing up, but an attractive hourglass takes form on her self-described fuller figure.”

Wearing a Corset Every Day –


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