Fyodorsky Cathedral Restoration 2005-2013

Another interesting short film here, from Russia. It’s a documentary concerning the restoration of the Fyodorovsky Theotokos Icon Cathedral in St. Petersburg. This once was one of the most beautiful cathedrals in all Russia before their 1917 Revolution which brought a militantly secular atheistic government to power.

The Fyodorov Icon Cathedral was completed in 1913 to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the Romanov family imperial dynasty which ruled Russia until the last Tsar, Nicholas II, abdicated his throne in 1917. The cathedral was desecrated by the communists and turned into a milk production factory sometime around 1932. The cupolas were removed and significant alterations destroyed many of the outer parts of the structure. The milk factory was removed only in 2005, but not before the entire basement was allowed to fill with industrial waste and municipal sewage. Judging by the photos in the early minutes of the film, any lesser people would have simply abandoned the decayed and derelict structure, but the people of St. Petersburg wanted their cathedral back. Restoration efforts began in 2005 and are ongoing. The cathedral may now be used for divine services although the restoration continues.

This 23-minute film is narrated in Russian, but it really needs no translation. From what they had to start with, you can see that the transformation is absolutely amazing.


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