All-Girl College Promotes Gender-Neutral Pronouns: ‘Ze,’ ‘Sie,’ ‘E,’ ”Ou’ and ‘Ve’

Since we are all born with or without a Y-chromosome, any rational person can determine that these poor souls are in need of help. Unfortunately the dominant culture is not able or willing to provide any to them. God help them all. God help us as a society.

Excerpt: “Because I go to an all-women’s college, a lot of people are like, ‘If you don’t identify as a woman, how did you get in?”


Students at All-Girl College Promote Gender-Neutral Pronouns: 'Ze,' 'Sie,' 'E,' ''Ou' and 'Ve' | CNS News.



2 thoughts on “All-Girl College Promotes Gender-Neutral Pronouns: ‘Ze,’ ‘Sie,’ ‘E,’ ”Ou’ and ‘Ve’

  1. I hear your distress- “God help us”- but the way to alleviate it is to see that “any rational person” includes people you disagree with. Lots of rational people accept the gender spectrum. Many rational people accept that the way for us to progress as a society is to allow the gender expression people choose, rather than to cram us into rigid boxes.

    • Welcome back again, Clare. I half expected to hear from you again. When I asked for God’s help for them and for us, I really meant it.

      I don’t buy into the concept of a “gender spectrum”, nor do I agree to separate gender from sex. The article doesn’t mention why these students identify as something other than female, but I don’t dismiss the fact that there are some people born as hermaphrodites and with chromosomal abnormalities. I suspect that many of these students are just confused. If in fact all of them were born with some condition that led to a gender ambiguity, those individuals did not ask for and can do nothing about the way they were formed. Those conditions are extremely rare however, and I doubt that many of the people mentioned at Mills College qualify. Such chromosomal irregularities are in fact natural, but the condition is not normal, and anyone so affected has my sympathy as much as anyone else who is born with a medical condition. While I would like to see more research, support, and love given to all people so affected, I don’t see any need to alter the language and our common understanding of human gender which serves only PC political purposes, and attempts to normalize the abnormal.


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