U.S. Army mulls wiping out memory of Robert E. Lee, and ‘Stonewall’ Jackson

The Washington Times reports that the US Army War College is mulling the permanent removal of portraits of West Point graduates and Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. Despite the American Civil war having ended in 1865, and the country having successfully reunited with surprisingly little lingering regional bitterness, all things Confederate have become politically incorrect and subject to removal in the current political climate.

General Jackson was killed at Chancellorsville, but following the surrender of his army at Appomattox, Robert E. Lee was a model citizen during his remaining years. While a number of his subordinates pleaded with him that they be allowed to take to the hills to carry-on guerrilla warfare, which may have prolonged the war a decade or longer, General Lee ordered his army to surrender with his final order instructing his men to lay down their arms, return home, resume their civilian occupations, and do everything they could to regain the ability to vote. In fact, he helped keep the United States from becoming permanently balkanized. Both men’s actions are now being colored through the lens of contemporary politics while history proves that they were both outstanding Americans and American military leaders. It would be a mistake for the Army to remove the portraits of both generals.

The full article can be found at The Washington Times website:

U.S. Army mulls wiping out memory of Robert E. Lee, 'Stonewall' Jackson – Washington Times.


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