The Straight Dope on Homosexuality

Elizabeth McCaw is a Virginia housewife and a writer. In the following article, she asks a simple question, is homosexuality a perversion or not?  Then she begins to construct her arguments by deconstructing and analyzing what constitutes perversion.  I will only note that the one thing Mrs. McCaw does not do is to separate Same-Sex-Attraction from homosexual sex which are separate, and not necessarily related, since the two can exist independently.

Some excerpts: ” … a practical, even scientific definition of sexual perversion begins by defining the objects of normal, healthy reproductive desire. Wanting to have sex with anything that falls outside that definition is perversion. 

Obviously, reproductive desire should be for another person. This means that sexual desire for trees or goats or ladies’ shoes is perversion. Sexual desire should also be for a live human being, which rules out dead people. And the live human beings should be at least of reproductive age, so wanting sex with children is also perverted. 

But what do all these excluded objects of desire have in common? They are a complete dead end…

To consider homosexuality abnormal is now considered outmoded—maybe even perverted. The American Psychological Association calmly explains that ‘Both heterosexual behavior and homosexual behavior are normal aspects of human sexuality.’ However, people who say that are in the odd position of having to agree that, yes, having a reproductive urge for every other reproductive dead end is abnormal and maybe even perverse, but it’s fine if men want to have sex with men.”


Her complete article can be read at

The Straight Dope on Homosexuality – Taki’s Magazine.


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