An Extensive Interview with Exorcist Rev. Michael Maginot

Fr. Michael Maginot, Exorcist

Fr. Michael Maginot, Exorcist

I’m linking to an interview with an exorcist who is a Catholic priest in the middle western USA. I generally steer clear of any clergyman who would sign a movie deal because it literally smacks of showboating, however Fr. Michael Maginot has done just that after performing an exorcism on a Gary, Indiana woman whose family had been plagued by an apparent demon.  I had never heard about this case, but I have mentioned that the services of exorcists are increasingly in demand worldwide.

You may read the full interview with Fr. Michael at “Catholic to the Max”.

An Extensive Interview with Exorcist Rev. Michael Maginot.

Then here are two links to the Indiana case that Fr. Michael exorcised as well as an interview between him and Fox Television host Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly doesn’t sound impressed, and basically terminates the interview without getting into anything of substance.

Exorcist called after boy ‘walked up wall backwards’ – DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG.


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