Dr. Rosaria Butterfield: “My Train Wreck Conversion”

Dr. Rosaria Butterfield is an ex feminist-lesbian who once was a tenured professor of English at Syracuse University. She embraced many leftist causes, and claims that she despised Christianity. I linked to a story about her early last year which explained that she has since become Christian and is now married to a Presbyterian minister. Dr. Butterfield has published many articles and a book on her experiences and her conversion. Here is some more about her, as well as an interesting Q&A session where she responds to people for well over 1-hour following a lecture.  I would gather that since she is now married to a man, that the “LGBT” community has torn up her membership card although she claims that she has found faith, not been converted from homosexuality.  Hers is an interesting if somewhat complex story. Presbyterians are not Orthodox Christians, and her perspective is not from Orthodoxy, but she is certainly worth listening to. There is a great quote in her book that is worth remembering:

“Good teachers make it possible for people to change their positions without shame.”

― Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

The full article about her is found at Christianity Today

My Train Wreck Conversion | Christianity Today.

Her book is called “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert” available from the usual sources.


Then the YouTube:


2 thoughts on “Dr. Rosaria Butterfield: “My Train Wreck Conversion”

  1. So what? A woman, previously attracted to other women, found herself attracted to a man, and then found that she could make money from gullible people by harping on about it, though that harms people she used to like. What is remotely interesting or admirable about this woman?


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