Spring Break In Siberia

This week’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia has sparked much hand-wringing, harsh words, and diplomatic sabre rattling. The American president Barrack Obama has issued an order banning travel by and freezing assets of several Russian nationals.  Not to be outsanctioned,  the Russian president Vladimir Putin issued his own decree imposing travel bans and other sanctions on several American lawmakers.

Dan Coats, a Republican senator from Indiana and member of the Senate Intelligence Committee co-sponsored a resolution, which passed the Senate unanimously, that condemned the Russian military seizure of Crimea and called on Obama to “use all appropriate economic elements of US national power” in coordination with allies to protect Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and economic integrity. Coats tweeted Thursday: “While I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to go on vacation with my family in Siberia this summer, I am honored to be on this list.”

Senator Coats doesn’t know what he will be missing.  Enjoy the pictures.

Picture2 Picture5 Picture11


The full series of photos can be viewed by clicking on the link below…

Siberian dream


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