Two Little Boys Playing “Divine Liturgy”

I found this YouTube video which is too cute not to share.  It appears to be two, little boys playing “Divine Liturgy”.  If any of my readers have ever attended Russian or Greek Orthodox services, you will recognize that the boys have paid great attention to the small details, including the method of annointment with Holy Unction, the deacon’s use of the censer, the wearing of vestments, the reading of the Epistle, how the book of Gospels is stood upon the Holy Altar, and many more actions that are commonly seen every time a service is served by a priest and deacon.  There is a little bit of stage mothering going on from the “choir”, but she sings beautifully.

I’m reminded of St. John Maximovitch of San Francisco who, it is said, always took time to slowly and accurately cross himself on both shoulders because he knew that children were watching and he was their example.  In Christianity we are taught to follow Christ’s example, and this mother has gotten the next generation off to a good start. Glory to God for All Things.

The video was found on YouTube.  It appears to be in Russian, but really needs no translation.

(UPDATE: I don’t speak Russian, but have since been told their “service” closely reflects a Russian matins)


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