Mosul’s Christians Say Goodbye

Girls worshiping in the Church of the Virgin Mary, near Bartala, Northern Iraq

Girls worshiping in the Church of the Virgin Mary, near Bartala, Northern Iraq

Sad news out of Northern Iraq this month.  In the continuing surge of Jihadists, not unlike the Muslim conquest of the 700’s, many of the region’s Christians are falling to the sword and the bullet, and the remainder have become refugees. The story below details the destruction of the 2,000 year old Christian community of Northern Iraq which has become collateral damage of the ill-conceived Iraq War and its unstable aftermath.

Despite being Muslim lands, there remained a considerable Christian minority in all Muslim countries of the Middle East until fairly recently.  The US military support for the state of Israel in the mid-20th century upset the delicate coexistence between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East.  The more recent US military operations in the region since 1991 now seem to assure the extermination of Christianity from its historical heartland. It seems that the Jihadists have not bought into the idea of “Celebrating Diversity”.


Since the Americans invaded Iraq in 2003, he estimates, Mosul’s Christian population dwindled from 35,000 to some 3,000. “Now there is no one left,” he said. Most of them have joined the estimated 500,000 refugees who have fled the ISIS advance; many of the Christians, including the archbishop, have opted for the relative security of Iraqi Kurdistan.”

“Even if the ISIS forces are ultimately driven back, it’s hard to imagine that the Mosul Christians who have fled will see a future for themselves in an Iraq dominated by the current Shiite dictatorship of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, which enjoys strong support from Iran.”

The old co-existence persists in some quarters with the article mentioning how some Muslim residents have protected Christian churches from looting, but the future does not appear to be bright for Iraqi or Syrian Christianity which has existed for centuries, since Apostolic times.

Here is the link to the complete article found at Foreign Policy online:

Mosuls Christians Say Goodbye.


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