The Church of the Comfortable and Tolerant (Video)

I found this interesting little video that describes what happens when a church compromises it teachings for the sake of making people feel good. While Jesus Christ Himself preached peace, harmony, and the brotherhood of Mankind, he did not establish His church in order to make people feel comfortable. Jesus condescended to take human form in order to upset the status quo, and he called out sin for what it is…SIN. He did not hesitate to call the priest, the pharisee or even his own disciples sinful, nor did he make Himself popular by overturning the tables of the moneylenders and throwing them out of the Temple. The Lord’s house is not a place for accepting “anything goes”.

When we consider the sins that Jesus spoke against the most, we discover that he hated a number of them. Here is but a small sampling:

1. Hypocrisy.

To be a hypocrite is to give others the impression that we are holier than we actually are. It is the same as bearing false witness, or telling a lie. Jesus pronounced a curse on hypocrites seven times in Matthew 23:13-29.

2. Spiritual Pride

Spiritual pride is the most common sin to be found among those who pursue after holiness. We all know the parable of the self-righteous Pharisee who despised others even in his prayer (Luke 18:9-14)! It is more than likely that 90% of all prayers offered in public by believers are primarily meant to impress others who are listening and not prayed to God at all. The Pharisee in the parable may not have been evil like other sinners in his external life, but Jesus hated the pride with which he thought of his spiritual activities and with which he despised others. It is spiritual pride that makes believers constantly judge other believers. This is also likely what Pope Francis was talking about when he made his “off-the cuff” statement regarding homosexuality. He was simply restating fundamental Christian teaching that no person’s sins are greater or lesser than his own, and that only God may judge sinners.

3. Impurity

Impurity enters into our hearts mainly through our eyes and our ears. This impurity then comes OUT from our hearts and expresses itself through the various members of our bodies – primarily through our tongues and our eyes. Anyone who seeks to be pure must therefore be especially careful about what he sees and what he hears. Jesus hated impurity so much that He told His disciples that they should be willing to pluck out their right eye and cut off their right hand rather than sin with those members (Matt. 5:27-29). We must remember that sin is so serious that it can imperil our very life like a gangrenous limb. Most believers have not realized this and that is why they are careless in the way they use their tongues and their eyes.

This video was found on YouTube.


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