Coffee With Jesus

I found these strips at a place called, “Radio Free”. They also have a Facebook presence. While some skirt the boundary of good taste, and using the image of our Saviour in a comic strip is irreverence, the artist makes occasional reference to the offense it may cause some people throughout the series. I found many to be quite clever because they contain a nugget of truth worth thinking about. The “Coffee With Jesus” series combines both political and religious humor which is not everyone’s cup of tea. They’ve published hundreds of these strips in a softcover book available through their website and the usual book sellers.

This one touches on being judgmental. People may condemn sin because sin is what separates people from God. However, all people are sinners. The sins of homosexuals are no greater than anyone else’s, and the right to judge sinners belongs to God Himself.:


This one deals with faith:


You get the point.

See them all, and much more, by visiting Radio Free Babylon which is actually some kind of alternative band.


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