Gay Christians choosing celibacy emerge from the shadows

I found an interesting article in the Washington Post that discusses some homosexuals attempting to reconcile themselves to Christian doctrine by adopting and practicing celibacy.  I’ve published a short article mentioning blogger Eve Tushnet at least once before that advocates this practice.

Most mainstream Christian churches condemn homosexual sex as an abomination and a grave sin on par with adultery, but same-sex attraction is generally considered to be a sinful temptation like any other.  I would question if a homosexual who is celibate can really be considered a homosexual at all for failing to act on those temptations. Perhaps he is just a repentant sinner who struggles every day with temptation just like any other Christian.


“The focus of celibacy, she says, should be not on the absence of sex but on deepening friendships and other relationships, a lesson valuable even for people in heterosexual marriages.”

“Celibate Christian LGBT people are stepping out into the open for the same reason LGBT people in general are: Society has become so much more accepting, including in religious circles.”

” …among conservative Christians, efforts toward more acceptance have collided with the basic teaching that sex belongs only among married men and women. The celibacy movement helps reconcile those concerns.”

“She urges people not to focus so much on the sex they can’t have and instead find other places to pursue intimacy, such as deeper friendships that could be seen as spouse-like, co-living arrangements, public service and the arts as ways to express intimacy.”

Here is the link to the Washington Post:

Gay Christians choosing celibacy emerge from the shadows – The Washington Post.


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