An ISIS fighter: ‘I was forbidden at the Gates of Heaven…’

hell I found a short article about an ISIS fighter who was wounded, and left for dead by his comrades. He then had a near death experience during which he found the reception committee at the pearly gates to be not quite what he expected. This ISIS fighter returned from the brink of death totally changed, and has since converted to Christianity.

You may read the article by following the link I’ve pasted below.

I found it interesting that his experience roughly parallels parts of the “toll house” theory that I was discussing in a different context with a gentleman on this blog last year.  In the 1960’s, partly in response to criticism that Christianity offers little in the way of guidance on what happens to a person after death, the late Fr. Seraphim Rose researched and pulled together writings from many of the early church fathers and early desert dwelling monks. His work found its way into a book called “The Soul After Death”.

Fr. Seraphim built on many earlier works that described departed souls being tested on their journey into hereafter, often being shown the effects of their worldly sins, and also being escorted by an angel whose mission is to protect the soul from demonic beings.  This ISIS fighter describes something similar in that he was confronted by “jinn” who took him into the pits of Hell where he was tormented by his own sins. He says an angel gave him a choice of remaining dead outside heaven or returning to the world and repenting his sins.

FYI — the Arab term “jinn” is where the English word “genie” comes from. I believe any Arab will tell you that jinn can often be bad company.

An ISIS fighter: ‘I was forbidden at the Gates of Heaven…’ | Oriental Review.



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