A few words more about Kristina and Kira, and an Apology


This blog typically sees only a few readers per day, but in the last several days I’ve noticed an unusual upsurge in traffic coming from Europe.  It seems that somebody found my blog entry from last year highlighting the untimely deaths of Kristina Sergeyevna and her daughter Kira, who were both killed in a shell burst in Gorlovka (Horlivka) Ukraine on 27 July, 2014.  May God grant their souls eternal peace.  While searching for the source, I located a link to a story told by Kristina’s mother, Natalia, which is well worth reading.

You may click on the link below to read it.

Since I have discovered that Natalia is greatly distressed by the photos of her daughter and granddaughter circulating on the Internet, I am removing the photo montage from the earlier blog entry that shows them at the scene of the blast. On the Internet it is all too easy to depersonalize a tragedy, particularly one that is so far away. I’ve now been reminded that these are real people who have suffered tragedy and loss. I’m deeply sorry for adding to your pain, Natalia.

Natalia’s Story:

A Mother’s Letter: “Who Gave the Order to Kill my Children?” | SLAVYANGRAD.org.


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