UN Passes ‘Unprecedented’ Pro-Family Resolution, Sexual Radicals Outraged


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That a coalition of eastern bloc and developing countries prevailed at the UN is itself unprecedented.

“This is unprecedented, a tremendous victory for the family,” Sharon Slater, the head of Family Watch International, told LifeSiteNews. “It is the first time ever in the history of the United Nations that a comprehensive resolution has been passed calling for the protection of the family as a fundamental unit of society, recognizing the prior right of parents to educate their children, and calling on all nations to create family-sensitive policies and recognize their binding obligations under treaty to protect the family.”

Two generations ago, Ronald Reagan described an “evil empire”.  Who fits the description now?

“Those opposing the motion included the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and other Western European countries, while its sponsors included Russia, China, Belarus, and more than a dozen Muslim and African countries. The four abstaining members of the council—Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Macedonia—probably were forced to do so by the rich countries opposing the bill.”

The Western position was supported and advanced by a mixed bag of radicals, sexual deviants, and social revolutionaries,

“…a defeat for the small but powerful group of anti-family groups supported by developed countries and the United States. Several attempts were made by feminist and pro-LGBT groups to first defeat and then amend the resolution by inserting “reproductive rights”–a euphemism for abortion, and by replacing “the family” with “families” and by inserting inclusive language to apply the resolution to sexual minorities.”

The usual suspects bemoan the outcome,

The passage of the resolution was predictably condemned by feminist and sexual advocacy groups. The Sexual Rights Initiative, for example, called it “a set back to the advancement of the human rights of individuals as it seeks to elevate the family as an institution in need of protection without acknowledging the harms and human rights abuses that are known to occur within families, or recognizing that diverse forms of family exist.”

They find an oppression hidden under every rock.

“Specifically, it claimed, “Families perpetuate patriarchal oppression, traditions and harmful practices”

The same rocks they all should go crawl back under.


Here is the link to the full news article from our friends at Lifesite.com

UN passes ‘unprecedented’ pro-family resolution, outraging sexual radicals | News | LifeSite.


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