Welcome to “Faith and Fortitude” which promises to always be a work in progress.  Our subtitle “The New Counterculture” is a euphemism. Since the counterculture of the late 20th century became mainstream, the world has been turned upside down effectively making the rest of us who express and defend traditional values refugees from the mainstream, and thus reluctant members of the *New Counterculture*.

The purpose of this Weblog is mainly to serve as an expressive outlet for personal and spiritual reflection. The format I envision is to add commentary and analysis to interesting articles that I find elsewhere on the Web.  I also plan to post regular, original articles on various topics with an emphasis on the cultural crisis in Western Civilization.  I’ve struggled with whether to classify this place as a general interest or a faith based blog.  I think it will become a bit of both because Christianity has had a large influence on the development of Western Civilization, and much of my writing will be filtered through an Orthodox Christian perspective because I think it is faith that will preserve us in the end.

Until this blog gets up to full speed, the reader may enjoy some links that I will begin posting.  Your own commentary is welcome, but please keep it family friendly.

Thank you for visiting Faith and Fortitude.


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