Pornography is Addictive

Like tobacco, people are finding it’s a hard habit to break and continued use can have side effects. Read on…

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Ubiquitous assailant: The dangerous unasked questions surrounding pornography | Deseret News.


Twenty-five percent of all search engine requests in the U.S. are for pornography.
The largest business by on the internet, is porn.
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Sisters and Daughters: Facing the Faces of Porn

I’m providing my readers with a link that mentions the work of a young girl, 14-year old Miss Julia Bluhm, who has succeeded in getting a major teen magazine to withhold the airbrush and to portray young girls as they are in real life.  This small victory is related to the subject at hand, those broken souls who engage in and consume pornography.  The first point is found in the words of blogger Timothy Dalrymple:

“Meanwhile under all that paint, porn stars are still broken, little girls. “Someone rocked them to sleep,” writes Dalrymple. “Someone comforted them when they were afraid of the monster or the spider or the thunder. They have histories, dreams, they have souls.”

The other point to be driven home is that consumers of pornography have souls just as broken as the girls they watch.

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Sisters and daughters: facing the faces of porn |