St. John Chrysostom on Shame

Chrysostom_RepentSt. John Chrysostom (c. 349-407 A.D.) is a saint who is shared by both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches. He was an important early church father.  St. John left us many important legacies including the “Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom” which is the most widely used liturgy in Christendom after the Roman Catholic Mass.


St. John of Kronstadt – A Preparation for Confession

A Little Bit About Confession and a Short Bio of St. John of Kronstadt

I have reprinted below a beautiful and rather concise preparatory prayer written and used by St. John of Kronstadt which may be read by anyone before confessing.

The Roman Catholics have the sacrament of Reconciliation, but Eastern Orthodox Christians still call it Confession. Confession is one of the Holy Mysteries or sacraments of the Orthodox Church, and is arguably the most powerful sacrament because it has the ability to heal.  The Church teaches us that it is necessary to confess our sins in order to cleanse our soul before partaking of the Eucharist at Communion. Confession is also important to our individual well-being because it helps us to grow spiritually.   Continue reading