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“The combat arms—infantry, armor, and artillery—are closed to women for good reasons: They can’t do the job, and they keep men from doing the job.”

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Women in Combat: Another Nail in the Coffin – Taki’s Magazine.


The WWII Dresden Holocaust – ‘A Single Column Of Flame’

We’re a few weeks late posting this link as we just passed the 68th anniversary of February 13, 1945. The late author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was an American P.O.W. held captive in Dresden, Germany during World War 2 who became an eyewitness to the bombing and resulting firestorm that almost completely consumed the city killing tens of thousands of civilians, the true number known but to God. By current standards, it was a war crime and it was committed by the Allied Forces. Vonnegut’s experiences escaping death and being forced to dig charred corpses from Dresden’s rubble found its way into his famous anti-war novel “Slaughterhouse Five” which was angrily denounced and banned in several US states and foreign countries.

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The WWII Dresden Holocaust – ‘A Single Column Of Flame’.

Muzzling Military Chaplains

Obama’s policies now demand that the US military pay only lip service to religious freedom. Freedom of conscience is gone. True to form, Progressives always promise safeguards and never cease to assure the hoi polloi that their fears are overstated. Yet they know full well what they mean and where they want to take the culture, and then once they arrive, it’s too late to turn back.

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The American Spectator : Muzzling Military Chaplains.

Last Post for El Alamein veterans as they gather in the desert to mark 70 years since Second World War battle

“After that battle, America led every big Allied campaign of the Second World War. Rommel’s defeat in the desert was the last time when the British army masterminded a military endeavour of historic proportions”.

The occassion marked 70-years since the Battle of El Alamein in the western Egyptian desert and Mr. Peter Watson, at 92, is the only British veteran to have shown up for the rememberance ceremony.  I recall that 75-years was the last commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg by the veterans who actually fought there (1938), so age and human frailty now makes any subsequent event for the veterans of El Alamein seem unlikely.  Of the 120,000 British, Commonwealth, and imperial soldiers who fought there, they are now almost all gone. The torch has been passed and one only wonders if the sons and daughters of those men will continue to mark the occassion.

The preceding comment made me sit back and think a bit.  Britain won the war, but lost its empire along with much of its power and influence. In less than 20-years, the British Empire, largest in the world, upon which the sun famously never set, was over; swept away by the Winds of Change. Of course India and Pakistan departed the British Empire in 1947, but it was British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan who delivered the famous address now known simply as the “Winds of Change” speech that in February 1960 signalled Britain’s intention to cast off the remainder of its empire. The majority of it was gone by the late 1960’s.  Rhodesia, it’s last significant mainland territory, was gone in 1980. The last jewel in the imperial crown, Hong-Kong, was handed back to China in 1997. So in less than 70-years since Britain emerged victorious from the war, its Empire is now reduced to a few acres in the Carribbean, Bermuda, and some scattered rocks in the world’s seas. Some would argue that it is reduced to the home counties surrounding London.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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Last Post for El Alamein veterans as they gather in the desert to mark 70 years since Second World War battle – Telegraph.

‘Get in line’ or ‘resign’

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

This article throws a spotlight on how rapidly the religious perogatives granted to U.S. military chaplains have been infringed since the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which gave the federal government’s tacit approval to sodomy within the ranks of the U.S. armed forces. With that change, 237-years of traditional religious support to U.S. soliders, sailors, and airmen is coming to an end as chaplains find they are being pressured into choosing two options. They must violate their demoninational dogmas and personal consciences to fit political directives, or consider resigning their commissions.

It seems the armed forces have been slow in catching up to civilian society where a secularized culture, institutional policies, and adverse legal decisions often pressure people to leave their religious faith and conscience at home. Decades of court decisions and legislation have placed limits on people’s rights to exercise their faith-based beliefs in the public sphere. This infringement routinely happens in our workplaces, in our schools, and in the course of running our own businesses. In essence, the traditional right to Freedom of Religion has been downgraded into a simple Freedom to Worship and transformed into a revokable privilege. This is a condescension on the part of others to allow people to worship in the cult of their choice so long as they do so privately and don’t drag their eccentric beliefs outdoors.

The net effect of secularization is the same whether found in the military or in civil society, and has similar consequences. People either conform their religious beliefs to secular policies or risk loss of employment, financial hardship, expulsion, crippling lawsuits, and incarceration.  The trend of the last two or three generations has seen Western society become intolerant of religion in general, and Christianity in particular. It seems that devout Christians in particular may approaching a time of significant tribulation.

Reflecting on the fact that the last half century has seen American culture becoming increasingly indifferent, if not outwardly hostile to faith, and that Americans who choose to exercise their religious beliefs in public increasingly risk marginalization and adverse personal consequences, the USA of 2012 is beginning to look not so much different from the USSR of 1965.  History is full of such ironies.

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‘Get in line’ or ‘resign’ Admiral tells military chaplain | LifeSiteNews.com.