Commenting Policy

On this blog we have formed the following policy with respect to reader comments:

(1) While it is easy to sometimes slip from attacking an argument to the person (ad hominem) we ask that you avoid doing so. It is not helpful to maintaining discussion and dialog. This does not mean that you cannot point out personal reasons why you think someone’s view may be skewed, but you must give sufficient reason for this without it becoming degrading.

(2) We certainly do not expect comments to come solely from persons who maintain religious faith alone, or any faith for that matter, but we do ask that you respect that this is a blog with commentary supporting traditional values, and that those values are a product of centuries of Western Christian civilization. We would not go to a blog written by an Atheist, a Buddhist, or a Muslim attacking the worst aspects of those world-views unless this is something with which we both disagreed and that we felt is being promoted that maybe both illegal and harmful.  We welcome you to critique Christianity or our takes on things but avoid using language that degrades Christian faith that is not grounded in fair argumentation.

(3) Any comments perceived as gratuitously offensive will be deleted, this includes comments directed at other commentators. We will not tolerate such things.

(4) Any use of excessive or purposeless profanity will be deleted. This is not tolerated either.

(5) We will not tolerate “trolling”.

(6) We maintain the right to delete any comments for any reason.

(7) We maintain the right to block you from commenting on this blog if you violate these policies.

Thank you!


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