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Gay Christians choosing celibacy emerge from the shadows

I found an interesting article in the Washington Post that discusses some homosexuals attempting to reconcile themselves to Christian doctrine by adopting and practicing celibacy.  I’ve published a short article mentioning blogger Eve Tushnet at least once before that advocates this practice.

Most mainstream Christian churches condemn homosexual sex as an abomination and a grave sin on par with adultery, but same-sex attraction is generally considered to be a sinful temptation like any other.  I would question if a homosexual who is celibate can really be considered a homosexual at all for failing to act on those temptations. Perhaps he is just a repentant sinner who struggles every day with temptation just like any other Christian.


“The focus of celibacy, she says, should be not on the absence of sex but on deepening friendships and other relationships, a lesson valuable even for people in heterosexual marriages.”

“Celibate Christian LGBT people are stepping out into the open for the same reason LGBT people in general are: Society has become so much more accepting, including in religious circles.”

” …among conservative Christians, efforts toward more acceptance have collided with the basic teaching that sex belongs only among married men and women. The celibacy movement helps reconcile those concerns.”

“She urges people not to focus so much on the sex they can’t have and instead find other places to pursue intimacy, such as deeper friendships that could be seen as spouse-like, co-living arrangements, public service and the arts as ways to express intimacy.”

Here is the link to the Washington Post:

Gay Christians choosing celibacy emerge from the shadows – The Washington Post.

Coming Out Christian

Eve Tushnet is a blogger, and she published an article about the impact of “gay” people on Christian churches.  She describes herself as “gay” and also a committed Christian. She reconciles herself to Christianity and its prohibition of homgenital sex by advocating and practicing celibacy. Hers is actually a very interesting article although I find that most western churches have given up on teaching the basics of sin and sexual ethics so she needn’t bother.

This author is allowing Christianity to change her, but I believe the majority of “gays” in churches, and their sympathizers, are  hoping to change Christianity. If I understand her point correctly, I believe that she agrees. One only has to look at the sad example of the troubles in the Church of England and the Episcopal Church USA to see the damage and disintegration that the rejection of historic Christian teaching brings. The destruction of humanity’s bond with Christ is the ultimate goal of the evil one.

An excerpt: “As the gay movement has enjoyed remarkable success, a new kind of coming out is occurring, in which gay or same-sex attracted Christians openly discuss both our sexual orientation and our desire to live according to the historic teaching of the Christian church, which bars sexual activity outside marriage of one man and one woman…

Trust me I am all for chastity, celibacy, abstinence — bravo. As a single person — who desires to live as though Christ dwells within and be in sync with the same all the above are desirable and mandatory. Since this lifestyle is clearly forbidden, a scriptural leaning christian is discouraged from associating with people who think that which is forbidden is acceptable. And it matters not what the sin is – theft, lying, adultery, blaspheming (name in vain), scripture makes it quite clear that such is to invite something else.”

You may read her complete article at the The American Conservative online.

Coming Out Christian | The American Conservative.

The Straight Dope on Homosexuality

Elizabeth McCaw is a Virginia housewife and a writer. In the following article, she asks a simple question, is homosexuality a perversion or not?  Then she begins to construct her arguments by deconstructing and analyzing what constitutes perversion.  I will only note that the one thing Mrs. McCaw does not do is to separate Same-Sex-Attraction from homosexual sex which are separate, and not necessarily related, since the two can exist independently.

Some excerpts: ” … a practical, even scientific definition of sexual perversion begins by defining the objects of normal, healthy reproductive desire. Wanting to have sex with anything that falls outside that definition is perversion. 

Obviously, reproductive desire should be for another person. This means that sexual desire for trees or goats or ladies’ shoes is perversion. Sexual desire should also be for a live human being, which rules out dead people. And the live human beings should be at least of reproductive age, so wanting sex with children is also perverted. 

But what do all these excluded objects of desire have in common? They are a complete dead end…

To consider homosexuality abnormal is now considered outmoded—maybe even perverted. The American Psychological Association calmly explains that ‘Both heterosexual behavior and homosexual behavior are normal aspects of human sexuality.’ However, people who say that are in the odd position of having to agree that, yes, having a reproductive urge for every other reproductive dead end is abnormal and maybe even perverse, but it’s fine if men want to have sex with men.”


Her complete article can be read at

The Straight Dope on Homosexuality – Taki’s Magazine.

Papal Theologian: Treating Homosexuals With Dignity Means Telling Them the Truth

In a recorded interview, Papal theologian Rev. Wojciech Giertych says that homosexual persons should be treated with dignity, adding that dignity means telling them the truth that “Homosexuality is against human nature.”

The reader may watch the full interview below.


This (homosexuality) is not an issue which is reacting against the Church’s teaching – this is a fundamental anthropological change.”… “a distortion of humanity which is being proposed as an ideology, which is being supported, financed, promoted by those who are powerful in the world in many, many, countries simultaneously.”

“Ideologies come and go…Human nature cannot be changed; it can be distorted. But the elevation of perversion to the level of a fundamental value that has to be nurtured and nourished and promoted – this is absolutely sick.”

“the Church is saying something very normal and humane, which corresponds to the understanding of humanity, which humanity has had for millennia, long before Christ, long before the appearance of Christianity,” …it’s a question of the distortion of humanity, and the Church standing up in defence of human dignity.”

Speaking of practicing homosexuals Fr. Giertych said, “of course they have to be treated with dignity, everybody has to be treated with dignity, even sinners have to be treated with dignity, but the best way of treating people with dignity is to tell them the truth.”

And so the important thing is how to pastorally help such people to return to an emotional and moral integrity.”

He also spoke of the danger of identifying with the homosexual condition as if it was the “supreme expression of the identity of the individual” which would deprive the individual of healing and happiness.

The papal theologian concluded noting that Christ is both the model for a healthy humanity and the source of healing for distortions of humanity.


Orthodox Jews on Homosexuality

I recently found this statement online and was amazed to find that Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Christians are largely in agreement on many points surrounding same-sex attraction (SSA) and homosexuality. Both agree that individuals suffering from SSA and practicing homosexuality are individuals who are deeply wounded spiritually,  and deserve our love and compassion. Orthodox Jews maintain that homosexuality and SSA are incompatible with orthodox teachings as found in the Torah. The declaration goes on to declare that “no one is born ‘Gay'” and that SSA and homosexuality are treatable and reversible. The document advises the correct course of action is both therapy and teshuva (repentence).  The public list of the signers now numbers 215, and spans a number of Jewish sects to include rabbis, community activists, and mental health professionals. As the accompanying article points out, this is a very strong statement, and one of the strongest yet from a religious body on homosexuality.

Linked article:

Orthodox coalition releases bold statement on homosexuality.