Unconditional Love

There is a special place in heaven reserved for this boy. He’s just going to have to wait a century, or so.



The Secret to a Successful Relationship

The Gospel reading this past Sunday was from St. Luke who recounted one of the my favorite parables of Jesus, the story of the father and his prodigal son. (For a synopsis, click here) It is a story about a young man who was accepted back with great love by his father after leaving home, living a profligate lifestyle, and wasting his inheritance (Luke 15:11-32). The priest delivering this sermon is Schema-Archimandrite Joachim Parr, abbot of St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Monastery in New York of the Russian Orthodox Church in the USA. Fr. Joachim does an excellent job in his sermon where he explains the secret to successful relationships. He really gets to the point at about 2:40. I will let him speak for himself… enjoy.

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